Deep Lipoma in Upper Back Require Surgery?

Hello i am 22 and i have Lipoma inbetween my sholder blades the doctor says it is very large and deep he is doing a MRI to confirm how deep it is. He has already said it will be a Sugary i would like to know how long the recovery time is? he is not sure if it is as deep as the muscle so could someone please tell me the recovery times for both, if its in the fat tissue how long? and if it in the Muscle how long? i have a toddler aswel so how long befor i can pick her up? Thank you

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Recovery from lipoma in back

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Hi Kelly, I can speak with personal authority.

I had a lipoma removed from the back of my neck (under the trapezius muscle).  I did very well, and back to work in a few days.

You need to wait to review the MRI results with your doctor, and he may put some restrictions on you, but it shouldn't be too bad.


Removal of lipoma from back

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These fatty tumors should be evaluated by MRI to idetify how deep it is located.  This is on your back which is always an akward place to have surgery because you will need help to care for it.  Larger amounts of tissue removal result in spaceds that fluid tends to build up in requiring a drain.  No one likes drains.  The point is not to have any problems.  It should not be a surgery that keeps you from doing your normal activities.

Recovery time after removal of deep lipoma

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This will require some type of surgery for removal.  It is possible that it is in the muscle but not likely.  Involvement of the muscle will not significantly increase your recovery time and either way it should be no more than a week.  Normally, these can be remove with a scar no longer than an inch.

Kenneth L. Stein, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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Lipoma of the back

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For deep large (More than 10 cm ) in diameter, above the muscle recovery in one to two weeks.

Deep in the muscle count on 6 weeks.

After the MRI you mey need a biobsy first.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Lipoma Deep Upper Back?

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Thank you for the question.

I'm glad your doctor is working up the lesion with an MRI prior to surgical excision. Recovery after excision will likely require 1 to 2 weeks depending on exactly what is found. Your surgeon will guide you as he will know your situation best.

This wishes.

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