Deep Hole Just Under my Lower Lip: My surgeon suggested me some temporary fillers.

in the last 5 years i have 2 fat injections and 1 tissue-skin grafting in it. My problem starts just at then end of the lower lip. Just under the center of the lower lip there is a huge space. My lower lip is plump naturally but the space just there makes my lip even shapeless. 2 fat injections did nothing and skin-facia graft helped just very little bit. My surgeon suggested me some temporary fillers but im not sure about that. Do you think what shoulod i use, temporary or permanent?

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Lower lip

It looks like a deep cleft. I wonder what is underneath the skin? is there any muscle? a good exam is warranted to make a good decision regarding treatment.

If local condition are good I would opt for fat transfer multiple times to correct the deformity.

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