Deep FX with Lumenis FX for Rosacea Patient?

Is Deep FX treatment with a Lumenis FX laser safe for rosacea patients?

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Fractional CO2 Laser performed for Rosacea Patients may result in prolonged post-treatment redness

Fractional CO2 Laser resurfacing can be performed for patients with history of rosacea if the goal is to achieve rejuvenation with reduction of signs of sun damage. All Fractional CO2 Lasers performed comparably (e.g. DeepFx, Mixto, Fraxel Repair). However, one must be prepared to undergo a potentially prolonged duration of post-treatment redness, which can be minimized in the hands of an experienced board-certified dermatologist who can customized a specific post-op skin care routine to minimize redness including strict daily sun protection and consideration of anti-inflammatory oral antibiotics such as Oracea.

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