I Had Deep FX Lazer Sugery Three Months Ago and I Don't Notice Any Tightening Yet, Why?

I had Deep FX laser around my eyes and mouth, and regular FX on the rest of my face and neck. I keep hearing how things will begin tightening up but it's been three months and I don't see any results yet. My skin looks a teeny bit better in some spots but really not that much. How long is this suppose to take? And it hurt like crazy even though I took 2 valium and had numbing cream put on. So far this was NOT worth it.

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Deep FX Results

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Thank you for your question. Collagen builds for 2 months. If you did not have many lines and wrinkles, then you will have more of a preventative treatment, than one that is going to reverse changes. The energy level and level of damage you have are all factors in your outcome. Some need a repeat treatment if there is extensive damage to the skin. See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Board Certified Dermatologist. I hope this helps.

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Deep FX Co2 laser treatment

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Deep FX is  a very effective laser for treating scars, acne scars, facial lines,  skin texture changes,  and pore size, and facial photo damage.  Every patients response to treatement is variable.  Typically results are apparent at three months.  I have found in my practice that some patients require up to three treatments for optimal results.  For acne scars some patients require even more treatments.   I typically discount multiple treatments as the cost is high.  I also have each patient undergo pre treatment photos with canfield imaging software to be able to really assess results.  Frequently patients may not realize the benefits of the treatment but when they review photos results are apparent.   The Deep FX is an excellent device and considered by most experts to be the gold standard for facial resurfacing.  Some people are harder to treat.   I would discuss your results with your MD and see if they think you may benefit more with subsequent treatments with different and potentially more aggressive laser settings.  I  also find patients are much more comfortable with a dose of Intramuscular demerol  in addition to numbing cream and ativan, pre treatment.

Philip Solomon, MD, FRCS
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