How Effective is Deep FX on Mouth and Chin Area Wrinkles?

I am considering Deep FX Laser treatment to tighten my skin and reduce wrinkles. Is this the laser to use? I have wrinkling around the mouth and chin area. My doctor suggested the Deep FX fractional laser as opposed to the CO2 laser or mini face lift which I really prefer not to do. I am hoping you can answer my question without a picture as I have no idea how to upload a picture. Sorry! Thank you for your patience.

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I simply cannot get the contour of a minilift with the Deep FX Laser

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The DeepFx/ActiveFx laser is an outstanding, state-of-the-art tool to rejuvenate aged skin. Although it tightens and smoothes skin beautifully, it simply cannot tighten the skin like a lift procedure can. If I am seeing a patient who is borderline for a lift procedure, I will always recommend the laser instead-- as I think my average full face ActiveFx/DeepFx patient gets about a 10-15% facelift effect from the laser, and the majority of patients will be satisfied.

Now, if they also have significant photodamage, the laser is clearly the superior tool--it will improve the texture and tighten as well. However, if the patient has more than minor laxity about the jowl and neck, the lift the the correct technique to correct the problem. The laser cannot tighten the skin sufficiently.

Finally, if a patient has both significant photodamage (aged skin) and a lot of laxity (looseness, jowling, "turkey wattle")--I recommend both techniques. That is another powerful aspect of the ActiveFx/DeepFx fractional laser. It is safe to combine with lift techniques.

If your doctor doesn't offer you a lift, consider that he/she may not be able to do a lift at all. My point would be to choose a doctor that can offer you the correct modality to address the issue you have--not think that everything is a nail because he/she has a hammer in his/her hand.

Hope that helps!

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