Is Deep FX or Active FX Safe on Olive Skin Tones?

I am considering having this treatment for some mild acne scars. I am part Middle Eastern and would say I am a type 3 or 4, its not all that clear to me.

Living in a non-sunny climate, I usually wear some of the lightest colored foundations I can find, but still do have olive undertones.

I have seen some real nightmare results from lasers on anything but white skin so if a professional could address this concern, that would be much appreciated!

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It is generally safe

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I have performed Active and Deep Fx laser safely on dark-skinned individuals with success.  They all develop temporary post inflammatory pigmentation but this can be resolved fairly quickly with tretinoin and hydroquinone.  But, if the laser surgeon is not experienced, and the laser treatment is performed with energy settings that are too high, there could be permanent hyper or hypo pigmentation.  I find that the pigmentation usually resolves with 2 weeks.

Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon

Active FX safe for olive skin, but precautions are necessary

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We have been doing Active FX for about a year now. We have done it successfully on skin with olive undertones, but you are right, it is always a concern. If the patient has a tendency for hyperpigmentation, especially post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, we usually pre-treat with hydroquinone and treat with it after the laser treatment as well.

We are very careful about selecting the proper laser regimen as well. Sometimes, we need to reduce the laser power and it can present challenges for achieving results, especially if we use it to treat acne scarring. We had a couple of incidences of temporary hyperpigmentation that went away by itself or after an IPL treatment, and this is something I always discuss with potential patients. Proper sun protection regimen will be especially important for you as well.

Stella Desyatnikova, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

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