I've Got Really Deep Dark Circles Under my Eyes P. I Think They're Genetics! How Can I Overcome Them? (photo)

I'm 18 years of age with very dark circles under my eye! How can I over come them, I've had them ever since I was 10 or maybe younger! They make me feel really insecure, I just want a method maybe surgery or something to get rid of them, please help me! And is there any permenant ways to get rid of them? And can someone please recommend me to a good dermatologist in sydney! Thank you so much!

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Lasers and surgery do not do a really good job on these.

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Right now, the best treatment for these is a little bit of hyaluronic acid filler.  I like Restylane for this.  I do not like the so-called smooth fillers like Juvederm and Balotero which have a slight tendency to drift under the skin once they are placed.  This service needs to be done by a true under eye expert.  If will not take away the darkness but it will improve the overall appearance.

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