I have really deep crows feet and tried Botox but afterwards I fainted then began to vomit. Should I try it again?

I also noticed that I had a little bit of difficulty swallowing for a few weeks afterwards. I am not sure if it was just nerves and anxiety that caused the fainting and nausea or do you think it was an allergic reaction? I really want to try the Dysport but have been scared this might happen again. I did not get any rash or itching with it though. Any suggestions?

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Should YouTry Botox Again?

I always recommend that the first treatments be performed by either a board certified plastic or facial plastic surgeon as they are broadly trained in medicine. I strongly urge you to discuss your reaction with the person who performed your treatment and also that you see your primary care physician prior to getting Botox or any other injectable again. I understand your desire to get rid of your fine lines and wrinkles, but never at the expense of your overall health and well-being.

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I have really deep crows feet and tried Botox but afterwards I fainted then began to vomit. Should I try it again?

Botox is a great treatment to help smooth areas of wrinkling around the eyes, the experience you had wasn’t an allergic reaction but likely an anxiety

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Your description is potentially worrisome!

Fainting and nausea can be vasovagal (nervous system) responses to the idea of needles in your face, and this is not concerning at all. Although rare, there are always a few individuals who are quite "needle-shy" and despite really wanting Botox, or B12, or a blood test, etc., get really worked up before the poke. Then, when all is done, the adrenaline surge stops, the blood pressure crashes, and nausea and fainting occur. You should know if this describes you, and if so, then there is the fainting/nausea explanation. But, the "little bit of difficulty swallowing" part IS worrisome. You should schedule an appointment with your regular physician and describe what you just did in your question, as there are several neurologic/metabolic illnesses that can be associated with waht you are describing. Perhaps it's nothing; if you had only noticed fainting and nausea, then I would not be concerned. But difficulty swallowing needs evaluation. Please do not be placated by reassuring words--get this checked out. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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