Deep Chemical Peel Vs Fraxel Resurfacing for Wrinkles

I had the fraxel resurfacing done about a year ago in San Diego,but the results only lasted 2 to 4 months, and I honestly think I have deeper wrinkles a year later. I'm 42 and have some med to deep wrinkles. I'm now considering a deep chem peel, but have no clue if that would be better or worse. help.

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Deep Chemical Peels for Wrinkles

Without pictures, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  Fraxel or Chemical Peels are usually effective for fine to medium wrinkles.  If you have deep wrinkles, then you may want to consider surgical intervention such as brow lift, face lift, or neck lift - depending on the location of your wrinkles.  Also, as mentioned above, you may also want to consider concomitant Botox Cosmetic and/or dermal fillers to achieve the best result.  Good luck.

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Two medium TCA chemical peels or 2 Fraxels both give good results for moderate wrinkles.

Medium or deep wrinkles often need a few treatments or a combination of treatments.  A couple of medium TCA peels or a couple of fraxel laser treatments do well for most patients.  You may still need fillers or botox/dysport after the peels.

David Hansen, MD
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