Deep bleaching duration and frequency?

I just finished my first round of teeth whitening with deep bleaching; I had overnight custom trays for 10 days. The results are so-so and I would like to continue. My dentist says that the maximum treatment should be 2 weeks and I can repeat it after few months, for another 2 weeks. However, I would like to have a second opinion from other dentists. I've read somewhere that I can actually continue the treatment as long as my gums and sensitivity allows or until I obtain the results I want. Thanks!

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Deep Bleaching Duration and Frequency

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We do deep Bleaching different than the dentist you are using had you do. In our office we have an in office conditioning visit followed by the patient using the trays for anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on how dark your teeth are. After the at home the patient comes back again for the Deep Bleaching visit (2 hours in office) Results are simply amazing. Do not know what they were doing

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Is it really Deep Bleaching?

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What you describe as Deep Bleaching most certainly is not Deep Bleaching. Not even close. Many dentists, and in fact some whitening product companies around the world claim “Deep Bleaching”. I’ve even seen a few that use my name with their advertising. These are fakes. There is only one genuine Deep Bleaching, and that is KöR Whitening. KöR Whitening can be done as “Deep Bleaching”, which is at-home whitening using a VERY specific whitening gel formula in VERY specifically designed whitening trays called “KöR-Seal Trays”, followed by an in-office whitening. Or KöR may be done with ONLY at-home whitening, and it is quite effective, although it cannot be called “Deep Bleaching”. You may want to check the website to see if your dentist is using genuine KöR Whitening protocol and products or not. Dr. Rod Kurthy

Rod Kurthy, DDS
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