What is Deep Bleaching?

What is the difference between it and other forms of tooth whitening?

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What is deep bleaching

You are referring to the KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System.  It is the best whiteing on the market, the creme de la creme.  It involves multiple visit to whiten your teeth.  It involves very special impressions that seal the tray at the margin keeping the bleach in and the saliva out.  2nd visit is a conditioning visit followed by 2-6 weeks of nightly whitening using the trays.  After the said timeframe a final deep bleaching visit is done.  The results are stunning.  I have done a couple hundred over the last 3-4 years with amazing results.  This can be done with little to no sensitivity. 


Zoom is light activated whitening done in 3 15 minute session over an 1 1/2 hour appointment.  It is a quickstart whitening that requires trays to maintain the whitening. 


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Deep Bleaching

I believe you are referring to the Kor Whitening Deep Bleaching System.  It’s a very advanced whitening system that involves several visits.  It might be the best system on the market.  The Rolls-Royce of whitening, it lightens your teeth.  Expect it to cost between $800-$1,000. 

In our office we mostly perform Zoom! Whitening which removes the stain from the enamel and brings out your natural tooth color.  People who have heavy cigareete or coffee stain generally get amazing results.  People without much stain get ok results.  The procedure is performed in 1 visit.  Good Luck!


Peter Mann, DDS
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Deep Bleaching with KoR®

The best tooth whitening system on the planet, which can be used with the in office Zoom!® Tooth Whitening treatment to accelerate the KoR® Whitening Deep Bleaching System, involves custom fitted trays that are made to fit tightly to avoid leakage. The one-size fits all trays that you will find at your local pharmacy can leak causing gum irritation. During your second visit, you will receive your trays and whitening gel with instructions for use. This tooth whitening process can take anywhere from two to six weeks of continuous nightly wear or for whatever time period is recommended by your dentist.

The KoR® Whitening Deep Bleaching System can give you amazing results with very little if any sensitivity and when used with the Zoom!® Tooth Whitening system can give you a beautiful new smile. 

Michael Fulbright, DDS
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What is Deep bleaching

If  you are referring to  whitening of all teeth, the only DEEP whitening outthere is KoR deep whitening, requires several visits a bit complicated to follow every step,  need to be compliant but great results. easy way out is ZOOM.whitening one session, and minimal sensitivity if any goes away in 1-2 days.

Internal bleaching is done is one tooth has suffered trauma and has had a dead nerve, and the bleaching material is placed inside the toothin the canal.


Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
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KOR Deep Bleaching Works

Great question-Make sure to go online and check out KOR Deep Bleaching.  When our patients want the best, they choose KOR.  There are many ways to whiten. 1- If you are younger, there are less expensive ways to whiten including Crest Whitening Strips and Tres White by Opalescence.  2-As we age, the color is more difficult to change-You can try custom home whitening trays and in-office whitening procedures like Zoom and Boost by Opalescence.  You do need the custom trays to continue the treatment and you must be dedicated to the process.  Sensitivity can occur. KOR uses custom trays as well but it works by eliminating the oxygen and does a deep bleach.  Included in the process are desenstizer techniques to help your symptoms if you have sensitivity. You return for in-office treatment.  The high cost is related to the accuracy and products from the company. Touch up is required with KOR as well. Hope this helps.

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist
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Deep Bleaching

I have used many tooth whitening products over the years for my patients, but none have performed so consistenly as Deep Bleaching, which is a type of whitening used within the Kor Whitening System. Used for significantly dark or Tetracycline-stained teeth, or for patients that want to be assured of a "Hollywood White" smile, this is the method I use with great success. The process involves several visits to the office for whitening treatments, as well as custom-made whitening trays (made with exacting mouth moulds by a whitening tray laboratory), over a several week to several month plan, with stunning results and little-to-no sensitivity! The fees for this treatment range from $800-1200, and I have not yet treated a patient who is dissatisfied at the end! Many of these patients have already tried other methods, including "Zoom!" or other dentist-office brands and they say the results don't compare with Deep Bleaching!

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