Deep bags/lines across upper cheeks, what are my non-surgical options? (photo)

I'm seventeen and for as long as I can remember ive had these deep lines running from my lower eye area across the middle of my cheeks. I presume it is from excess fat in my cheeks since the area above the lines is thin skin and the area below them is fat/chubby but is there anything I can do to get rid of them without surgical procedure? They have bothered me ever since I was a young girl since they make my face look very aged especially under certain harsh lighting.

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Scary lighting

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You should do great with Restylane at the top of the cheek,  Do not allow yourself to be overfilled.  You need a very experienced injector to get the most from these services.  I do not like the lighter products for this as they tend to drift a bit.  These treatments are fantastic when done correctly and can last over a year.  They are much better than surgery.

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