Is Blue Peel the Best for Deep and Wide Facial Scarring from Staph Infection Hypo and Hyperpigmentation?

I have deep, wide scars all around my chin(see pics)and on my forehead, plus hypo and hyper pigmentation from both scarring, sun damage, and pregnancy. I was told an Obagi "Blue Peel" would take care of all these issues at once. Can anyone tell me if this is my best option, and does anyone know if microneedling or fraxel would be better for me. THanks!

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Obagi Blue peel not recommended for hypopigmentation

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Obagi Blue peel will do nothing for hypopigmentation related to skin injury from scars or infection or chronic inflammation. 

Blue peels are not the best for facial scarring

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Obagi Blue peels are great for hyperpigmentation but will do almost nothing for hypopigmentation and scars. There are many treatment options for depressed scars including fractionated carbon dioxide lasers, fractionated radiofrequency with the eMatrix, subscision, true dermabrasions (not micro), and filler injections to name some of the more effective treatments. You need to be properly evaluated by a qualified physician to discuss your best options.


Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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