Will Decrease of 200cc Make a Huge Difference on a Taller Girl? (photo)

I am 5'10 and 160.I was a saggy 38C after all the excess skin was shoved in the cup.I had a lift and implants and went WAY too big for my likings (575cc) making me a large 38D.I need to have corrective surgery and decided to downgrade while my Dr is in there. What range (decrease) would make me look "normal". I hate how far to the side they go too. I also dont want to be in shock of going too small. I was thinking aroung 375?

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Breast Implant Sizing for Revisionary Breast Surgery?

Thank you for the question and picture.

Unfortunately, there is no way an online consultant can give you accurate advice  regarding breast implant sizing. You will need to communicate your goals clearly with your plastic surgeon ( I prefer the use of goal pictures)  to maximize the chances of meeting your goals. Hopefully, you and your plastic surgeon are planning on revisionary breast lifting as well to improve your results.

Again, communicate your goals clearly;  make sure your  plastic surgeon understands what you are trying to achieve and allow him/her to pick whatever breast implant is most likely to achieve those goals.

Best wishes.

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