Have you declined stomach Liposuction because too much loose skin left behind? (photos)

I am 47, 220lb, male. I DID NOT want TT but surgeon refused to perform tummy lipo. I had 3 procedures on same day. TT, gynecomastia and upper back lipo. I had difficulties from TT. Bi-weekly complaints were always answered with "This is normal". Find some other questions on photos. 

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Declining to do liposuction on patient with loose skin

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Thanks for your question.  I have declined to do liposuction on patients with loose skin.  Liposuction will not tighten very loose skin (there may be some improvement of moderate laxity with certain lipo modalities).  There is no point offering an operation if it will not provide the desired result.

Have you declined stomach Liposuction because too much loose skin left behind?

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The answer to your question is ABSOLUTELY YES. In fact, there a many times I will refuse to perform a procedure if in my professional opinion it isn't indicated. Trust can only be built upon being honest and truthful. If a patient then chooses to go elsewhere then so be it.

Based on your pre-op photos, I,too, would have refused to perform just a lipo and would have suggested several things. First, I would have asked you to lose weight . I would have had lengthy discussion with you about visceral vs external fat layer. I would have assessed your expectations. When the time came and you had fulfilled your part of the deal and your expectations were reasonable then I would have performed a tummy tuck with some lipo of the flank region. 

I hear your frustration and concerns. There was something abut the plastic surgeon you chose that appealed to you. The process of elective surgery is not simple. A patient MUST do due diligence and research the surgeons. I feel the most crucial factor in the selection of the surgeon has to be the face to face consultation. When you meet were you able to have an open dialogue and discuss all issues concerned with your surgery and expectations? Was the surgeon able to gain your trust? Did you have an opportunity to view many, many before and after photos?  Realize that not all plastic surgeons will have a consistent number of male tummy tucks. Make sure that the photos that you are shown belong to patients of the surgeon that you are considering, not his/her partner or the clinic. Given the opportunity to view countless before and after photos will give you a very good idea to the consistency of the work. Are you being shown a few good results? The situation is analogous to the baseball player who hits a home run once in a while as opposed to the player who has a high batting average because he is consistent every time he steps up to bat.

For you this is water under the bridge and it's after the fact but perhaps there are other men out there considering elective cosmetic surgery who may benefit from your experience.

Your scar is not opening up, it has spread. This is due to the tension placed on the scar and your ability to heal. The upper fullness that you see is the visceral fat that I discussed above. Remember that visceral fat is that which lies between the internal organs and the only way to reduce this fat is to lose weight.

I hope that you are able to sit down with your surgeon and discuss wha other options you may have in order to achieve  a better contour. Good luck

Have you declined stomach Liposuction because too much loose skin left behind?

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But what is your question? You had a choice of seeing other surgeons if you did not like this ones option... 

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