I Was Deciding on the BBL and a Breast Augmentation Would It Be Best to Get Them Done Seperately or at the Same Time?

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Ideal multiple surgery ideal selected patient

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if you fullfill the whole requirements it may be done  by any  certfiied plastic aesthetic and reconstructive  surgeon.

a.-overweight no more than 20 pounds according to age, seize and weight rate.

b.-any smoker,any diabetes, any cardiological or bleeding problem, any vit.e. herbs,aspirin etc. any antipregnant pills

c.- sometimes we recommend auto bloodtransfution previously taken one week  before to surgery to better  recovery to apply it during active surgery

d.-taking  care  during  surgery to apply intermitent pressure over both legs and keeping warming the  body temperature with an spetial termical couchon, yes it can be done

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