Which Retin A Product Should I Buy?

I'm interested in other experiences with Retin A. Did you follow a specific diet? how old were you? (I'm 18, is that too young? and at the moment my doctor has prescribed me Oxytetracycline which I have not been using properly, is it any good? My skin type is combination/oily and want to know which of these products would be best suited for me? If I use the anti-aging one, would it help with my acne?

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Which Retin-A product to buy?

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Dear questioner, why would you ask expert advice of a doctor, receive a prescription, admit you are using it improperly, and then go online to ask non-physicians about their experiences? If you feel you did not receive adequate counseling, advice, or information from your doctor, either ask again, or get another doctor.

At all of 18 years, you need to understand that the 27 years of education before I started my private practice in plastic surgery, and the 23 years of experience since then, have perhaps qualified me to give you advice about plastic surgical topics, It might even be pretty good advice. I, too have always been a natural cynic, questioning the status-quo, the "conventional wisdom," or what "they" say (who is "they" anyway?). Questioning is fine, but you should find experts you can trust, and then trust them! Otherwise, you'll never learn anything, and your own singular experience may well not be representative of the "TRUTH" about any matter, but only one individual data point, just as those few additional data points you might glean from such questions you pose. There are plenty of double-blind, scientifically-sound studies to support many things in medicine, science, and life in general. The truth is out there!

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