How Can I Decide when Answers and Prices Are So Radically Different?

I had my first nose operation at 14 and now its 4 years later and the twist at the tip I would like corrected. However, I have seen 3 doctors and each gave me a different prognosis and different prices. The one I favored obviously was the least expensive and the least invasive. He would just focus on correcting the tip. However, the other two want to perform a complete nose job which I believe will give me a brand new nose. I don't know what to do--except to continue interviewing doctors.

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Correcting a twisted tip

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Correcting crooked or twisted noses is difficult, and rarely can they be corrected via a less invasive, closed rhinoplasty.  Once the nose is opened, the issue of "invasiveness" essentially becomes irrelevant.  In general, straightening a crooked nose or tip requires aggressive cartilage grafting techniques to correct the asymmetry, but more importantly, to prevent future twisting as the nose heals and contracts.  Price does not always correlate with experience or competency; the most important factor is usually the amount of revision cases the surgeon performs.

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