Im Trying to Decide Between Vaser & Smart Lipo

im in good shape i workout but i have love handles i cant shift! im v worried about pain during & after & most of all the burning question for me is when can i get bk training as im a fitness instructor? im in good shape with my clothes on but nowhere near what i should look like or am expected to look like considering i train every day and its my job! im hoping for a really good result! has anyone gone to Poland?

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Smartlipo and Exercise

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I perform laser-assisted liposculpture (Smartlipo) in the nation's largest fitness and medical wellness center so your question of "when can I exercise" resonates. The main advantage of a Smartlipo treatment for the abdomen and waist is that you can begin light exercise within a few days. I recommend waiting 10-14 days to resume normal degrees of core abdominal exercises. I'm currently developing a post-Smartlipo protocol with our personal trainers for core abdominal muscle strengthening which begins during the first week and gradually escalates. True "Hi-Def" liposculpture depends on several factors: 1. The ability of your provider to completely and evenly remove the resistant areas of fat 2. The baseline elasticity of your skin 3. Your adherence to a diet and exercise pattern that minimizes post-procedure swelling, and 4. Strengthening (hypertrophy) of core abdominal musculature. Regarding the differences between Vaser and Smartlipo: The key advantages of Smartlipo are that the laser wavelengths deliver energy to the dermal (collagen-containing) layer of skin which adds a smoothing and tightening effect. The ultrasound form of energy delivered by Vaser does not influence collagen. More importantly, Smartlipo allows for smaller insertion sites (2 millimeters) whereas Vaser typically requires larger incisions (3-5 millimeters) so the scars have the potential to be more noticeable. Per your photos, you have excellent skin tone, so following a good post-procedure diet and exercise regimen should provide a great result. Good luck!

Bellevue Dermatologic Surgeon
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I agree with Dr Ishoo. y will likely benefit from getting liposuction in your entire mid section and then to maintain that figure with exercise and weight loss. I use a combination of tumescent liposuction and smartlipo. typically my patients are encouraged to get back on cardio exercises as soon as the patient feels comfortable which is usually on day 2 or 3. Im not sure why youre asking about Poland though??

Misbah Khan MD, FAAD, FACMS
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Hidef liposculpture

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Given your level of exercise, you are carrying an unusually high level of subcutaneous fat. The lipomatosis extends the entire trunk and I personally would not recommend treating only your abdomen and flanks but your entire trunk from your hips to your shoulders front and back in high definition . In my practice, this is a common procedure and you would be a typical client who is atheletic but cannot bring out her natural atheletic definition. I perform the HiDef liposculpture using both the smartlipo triplex and the VASER as each has a different strength and performs a different task to help accomplish the definition. Ultimately, your results have nothing to do with the machine or the technology used but the skill and experience of your surgeon.


Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

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