Which Procedure Should I Have Done First to Make my Fcae More Feminine?

Since I have made up my mind that I want to fix my facial structure which involves in two area. First my masculine forehead ( Forehead contouring, type3) And my square jaw line and chin with protruding zygoma.

But I want to fix it one by one, since I can't afford all at once. So my question is which one of those procedure should feminize my face most? Thank you.

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The answer is the forehead

Hello Kimminhee.
The best research demonstrates that the forehead area is the most significant part of your face for creating a masculine appearance. 
The procedure I designed for this has been peer reviewed and demonstrated to be the safest and most effective approach to feminizing the upper third of the face.  The surgery will completely feminize the bony area around the forehead and eyes.  We also feminize the eyebrows and hairline when necessary as part of the same procedure.  This operation takes about 90 minutes only and results are phenomenal.

Adjusting the square jaw and chin can also help - but I'd start with the forehead.  Most importantly - make sure not to go to someone who says they will "bur" or "drill" down the forehead.  This is not, in my opinion, a good choice.

Best of luck,
Jeffrey Spiegel, MD
Boston, MA

Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A Feminine Face

Kimminhee, first of all I think you are beautiful!  I see many patients in my practice who want to make their faces more feminine, and I think there are a few ways to address your areas of concern.  We want to soften your angular features and transform your face from a square-ish appearance to a heart shaped one.  Carefully placed fillers can effectively contour your face to achieve that.  Your jawline can be softened and reduced with the careful placement of Botox.  Your forehead can also be addressed, but I would start with the other two areas first as you will see a significant improvement. 

Kimberly Lee, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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