Trying to Decide on Corrective Surgery for All-around Facial Asymmetry? (photo)

The left and right sides of my face are quite noticeably asymmetrical, starting with my jawline. The right side of my face appears slightly bigger overall which leads to the phenomenon where only one of my ears is visible at a time in head shots. My overall head shape and eye level is imbalanced as well. What are my options in terms of corrective surgery? Specifically, I'd like to know what exactly I can fix and what I can't. Thank you.

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Fixing asymmetry

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No one's face is exactly the same on each side. Even with major craniofacial/orthognathic surgery you would still not be completely symmetric. Facial implants and otoplasty may help match your left to your right better. I would be cautious about aggressively pursuing this.

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Fixing an Asymmetric Jawline

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There is not an easy or straightforward answer to your question.  In general, I would suggest tring non-invasive and conservative approach to start.  From looking at your picture, it appears the area of you jaw where your jaw is enlarged is where the masseter muscle located.  If you goal is to make the area smaller, you can inject the masseter with Botox or Dysport to shrink it.  That could be a simple and non-invasive approach to start your process.  It by no means is a complete treatment plan as you would need see a physician for a consultation.  


I hope this helps.

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