In 2003 Had Breast Implant Surgery, in 2007 Had Capsularcontractor Had Surgery Again to Remove This?

In 2003 I had breast implant surgery, in 2007 noticed capsular contractor had surgery to repair this, just found out after finally receiving medical records doctor implanted same implant back into my body. I thought all this time he implanted new implant. I now have ruptured implants both sides, no warranty for surgery and no insurance. It plainly states in Mentor product safety data sheet reimplanting same implant is a no no. It states the implant is a one time device and is not to be reimplanted. I spoke with them today and they say it is between me and my doctor. I have a contamitated implant inside me along with to ruptured implants and do not know where to turn for help

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Ruptured implant

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There has been a movement toward replacing implants when capsular contracture is treated, that was not common practice in 2007. If your surgeon charged you for new implants, it would have been improper to not use new implants. 

A discussion with your surgeon sounds appropriate to get this resolved. Thanks and best wishes.


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Very usual to replant the same implant

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Yes I know what it says in the brochure but that means it can't be used in different patients or removed and resterilized.  In 2007 almost all doctors were treating capsular contracture with capsulotomy or capsulectomy and replacing the same implants.  The manufacturers warranty from Allergan sates that care should be taken when performing capsulotomy or capsulectomy and using the same implant.  Did the doctor say he was changing the implants or did you pay for new implants and not get them?  If that is the case then that's something different.  After the capsular contracture did you have any problems such as infection because I don't know why you are saying the implants are contaminated.

I would go back and speak to the original surgeon and ask these questions, but as far as I know Mentor does guarantee the implants (saline) for 5 years unless you bought the extended warranty (I know it sounds like a car) and 10 years if they were silicone.  Check on those facts and then decide how to proceed, but I would speak to your original doctor first and also have him or her speak to his Mentor rep to see if there is anything they can do for you.  Good luck, Dr. Schuster in Boca aton

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