Can I Replace Decade Old Incisor Veneers With CEREC?

I had veneers placed on all four upper incisors 10 yrs ago, which I have never really liked. Too thick, long, and white; rather mannish-looking. Cement is showing through. Now gums are receding and teeth are becoming very sensitive. Also, I am self-conscious about my smile, the reason I got veneers in the first place. I'm interested in Cerec as that temporaries are hideous and unpleasant, however, I hear they are best for only back teeth. Suggestions? Or are my expectations unrealistic?

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Cerec and Porcelain Veneers

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Cerec may be okay for some of the back teeth, if you really want the most esthetic and natural looking veneers, then it is not the porcelain of choice.  To make your front teeth look natural and blend in with the other teeth and your gums, then seek out the services of a highly trained cosmetic dentist.  Ask to see upclose photos of their work.  Ask questions and be sure that you like what you see in the photos.  Also, inquire about the temporaries.  Temporaries can should look great.  They also serve as a blueprint for the ceramist as the dentist should design the temps and contour them to the correct shape and size.  


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Replacement of old veneers with Cerec

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Cerec is a wonderful technology that occupied modern world. But Cerec crowns or veneers will never look like ones that are done by alive lab-technician, who can "feel" the color, make them look natural. As a specialist I provide my patients with the restorations, crowns,veneers that look real and nobody can notice except me and my patient. This never can be achieved with machine-generated veneers. My recommendation to you will be to see the prosthodontist who can improve your aesthetic situation.

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