Was just smacked in the nose by a wooden hanger, should I worry?

I am 9 days post op, and I was just at the mall looking at sweaters. One of the hangers was being held back by something and then was flung forcefully and hit me right on the tip of the nose. I looked at it and from the profile it looks less upturned. Should I worry that it could have changed the shape of my nose? Also, my doctor is not very accessible, that's why I'm asking here

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Hanger and Nose

Thank you for your question.

Well, the biggest issue that you mentioned is about your doctor not being accessible.  If you have questions, or more importantly a potential post-surgical issue, your doctor should be able to be contacted to discuss what may be going on.  I would continue to try and contact their office.

Also, in all likelihood, you did not do anything to affect the surgical outcome.  Still, I would see your surgeon for an evaluation.  If you really can't contact your surgeon, I recommend seeing somebody else.


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Trauma post op

First question to ask is why your doctor is not accessible ?

If you have some trauma to your nose early post op it will swell quite a bit -swelling above the tip can create an optical illusion of your tip being lower until the swelling goes -see your surgeon or their nurse

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