What can I do to reduce the appearance of the scar left from a mole removal?

Three weeks ago i had a mole removed from my cheek near my nose. It was excised then cauterized. Its healing well I kept it covered with a bandage and Vaseline. Now im ready to leave it uncovered and the small indent left behind is bothering me and I'm hoping it will fill in. Is there anything i can apply to it to promote it filling in and fading away?

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Scar therapy

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The gold standard for depressed, pitting and even crater-type acne, chicken pox, and similar indented scars is dermabrasion (not micro-dermabrasion) whereby the skin is sand down with a diamond tip burr to the deeper layers leaving a raw surface for about a week before new smooth skin regenerates. Note, this procedure should only be done by a trained surgeon in an operating room not a nurse nor a technician in a spa setting.
Once your wounds are healing then scar therapy may be considered.
You may not need dermabrasion but may still benefit from one of the topical scar formulations below:
Not infrequently potential patients avoid surgery because fear of an unsightly scar. To remedy this, I now utilize and formulate compounded topical creams to treat, relieve and minimize scars for each of my patients:
• new scars
• old scars
• surgical scars
• keloid scars
• stretch marks
• hypertrophic scars
• hyperpigmented (dark) scars
• various acne scars, burn scars and more...
These scar removal creams contain prescription strength medications each individually known to reduce and/or reverse the scarring process but never before compounded together into one high potency formulation. These medications are added to a base of anhydrous silicone (the most common ingredient in everyday topical scar therapy) and Pracaxi oil, found in the Amazon rainforest and known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Many health insurance plans actually cover the cost of the creams and they can be delivered directly to the patients door step. In other words, no need for multiple trips to the doctor for expensive and painful laser treatments, or wasted money on minimally effective over-the-counter topical scar therapy gels or silicone sheets that are unsightly and/or fail to stay on. Instead, with just two applications a day my patients now perform scar therapy in the comfort of their own home. Glad to help.

Scar 3 weeks after Lesion Excision

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Dear Jody30,

Your scar is still very immature. It may take 6 months to a year for the area to heal as much as possible. I wouldn't worry about how it is looking now. If you are concerned that something is wrong then it is best to return to your operating surgeon and have them take a look at it. Hope this helps!

Scar serum on the face after mole removal

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Laser resurfacing and subcision may help even out the contour of your mole removal scars. In the early phase of wound healing, we advise patient to apply Plato's Scar Serum. 

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

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