Burning in upper thigh after thigh lift? (photo)

I went to the Dr two days ago because my incision is opening at the intersection on my thigh lift. He told me that happens and takes time to heal. I also asked him about this burning in my upper thigh that I have been feeling for a few days as well. He said use desitin or diaper rash cream but there is no rash or rubbing or redness at all. It burns terribly and It just doesn't make since if there is no irritation visible for it to be a rash. Can anyone tell me other causes for this burning??

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Burning pain after thigh lift

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  1. The most likely reason for your burning pain after you upper thigh lift is damage to the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh.
  2. Damage is usually from stretching or bruising and should improve. 
  3. Creams rarely help. A garment may make it worse.
  4. Medications such as neurontin may help. Discuss with your surgeon or PCP. Best wishes.

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