After having first session, I realized I should have taken more off (getting a coverup over existing tattoo). Too late now?

Had first Picosure session a few days ago. getting part of my tattoo sleeve lasered to lighten it so I can get something new. Today I had an idea for the cover-up, but my artist said for the new idea, I should have gotten a few more inches taken off the existing tattoo with the laser. Is it too late to do this now? If I went back in to get the extra few inches taken off, won't that throw everything off? Wont both areas fade at different rates? Or is this not a big deal and I'm overthinking it?

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You can go back and have extra few inches removed

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PicoSure is the fastest laser when it comes to lighting up and removing tattoos. Even if the laser removal is done the same day, different colors and areas will lighten up in different shades. You can go back and have extra few inches removed. It is important to remember that after each treatment you have to wait 3-4 weeks to treat the same area again. Best of luck! 

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Lightening tattoo for cover up

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I don't think you have to worry about the spacing of treatments but more the number on each area. Assuming the ink is consistent throughout, it should fade evenly if treated for the same number of treatments. You may need to postpone getting the cover-up until that last few inches that you want lasered have had a chance to catch up the  other areas. Most importantly, it depends on what you are getting over your original tattoo which is something only your tattoo artist can answer. Good luck with that cover-up!

Additional Pico session

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Great question - We have many people come in for tattoo removal who are wanting to have cover up done after lightening up their current tattoo. My standard recommendation for these patients is to have 2-3 treatment prior to returning to their tattoo artist for their new cover up. Having an additional treatment will only benefit the removal of your current tattoo. We have been using Pico in our office for over 2 years and we find it far superior to any other laser tattoo removal available. Best of luck!

Overthinking Tattoo Removal

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Thanks for your question.  You are overthinking your tattoo removal.  We have over 2 years of experience using the PicoSure laser for tattoo removal.  Tattoos never fade evenly and they always take much longer to fade than we expect.  You can go back and get more areas treated.  You might notice a fading difference initially, but the tattoo will even out over time.  Best of luck!

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