Patients w/ Long-Term Effects of Laser Treatments - Your Experience?

How often doctors on this board experience patients coming back to them after one year out from their post laser treatment showing textural changes, fat loss, dry skin? I'm having a difficult time seeing that providers on this site have been very adament of doing jobs well done with lasers, and minimal complaints of which they do not specify. Also, because the FDA has approved these devices, unless there is an expert witness one can't sue. Hence, lasers are glorified in all research. Shame.

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Long term effects after lasers are very unusual except for pigmentation

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I have been working with lasers for over 30 years. Even the older very invasive non-fractionated lasers did not result in fat loss or dry skin. This included many patients treated for acne at the highest settings. However, your symptoms may have little to do with the laser but could be due to an endocrine problem. I would suggest that you see an endocrinologist. Dr. Mayl Fort Lauderdale

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