I Am Having a Rihnoplasty Surgery in 2 Weeks from Today in One of the Best Medical Centres of the UK As Stated? (photo)

Having a revision Rihnoplasty after 2 years, to make my nostrils even, they were always uneven as you can see in the photo even before the surgery but not as much.. The doctor is going to try and remove excess cartilage from the right nostril and a little bit from the left. also remove a minor bump on the left side. Is there a change non cartilage to be there to be removed to straighten the nose? will this changes be very noticeable? is it very bad if i smoke a cig every day before my surgery?.

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Smoking and rhinoplasty

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Smoking and rhinoplasty or for that matter any surgery do not mix. Smoking increases the risk of complications significantly.

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