I had an IPL laser procedure on 7 days ago and my neck and chest has burnt badly, what should I do? (photo)

The IPL was performed on my chest, neck, and my face. They stared on my chest and neck and I started complaining that the machine was burning me. Now I have second degree burn on my neck and chest and went to the doctors for treatment everyday after the incident. I am so scared and terrified that I have to leave with this scars for the rest of my life. Please help.

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Burned badly by IPL

I'm sorry for your situation. I hope the doctors you saw have put you on a topical steroid for your burns - like Betamethasone ointment? You need to keep the areas well gooped up and moist. Stay out of the sun. Do not peel or pick at the sites. Any technician should listen to their client - shame on your treatment operator! For darker skin types the machine needs to be on long pulse durations with extremely low energy. This was clearly not done. I'm very sorry you have experienced this.

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