I had a rhynoplasty 6 weeks ago. Why is my nose tip wider? (Photo)

I think that was a mistake because i have big nostrils and wide tip,if you lift it up even after swellings is gone im sure it will still look piggish.I am honestly in shock that the features i wanted to correct are now exposed and put in the middle of my face(wit,nostris)It is also a bit ride side crooked.To what extent will it change ?Do you see a possible improvement?I was wondering what would be best choice for revision?

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You are still swollen at 6 weeks post rhinoplasty surgery.  I takes a year for the majority of swelling to resolve.  What you see now will be quite different from a year post op.  Then if you are not satisfied a revision may be done.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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