Can I Have Max Strength Dermabrasion?

Dear Doctors 

I'm 29 and Still  Have Acne Scars Even After 2 Dermabrasion Procedures 

i live far from the US but want to treat scars there because in any case want to believe to get better private life also there are the best specialists.

The doctor in Russia trated my face to min depth because i'm dark complexion but my friend could solve the problem after the 3 procedure when his scars were worse- because max deptn and he's white so what i've got to do to be treated to max depth well time is running

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Dermabrasion can help with Acne Scar but their are other options that should be considered for more improvement

Dermabrasion can help with Acne Scar but their are other options that should be considered for more improvement. In my opinion, fat grafting / Young Volumizer, is one way of improving your acne condition. It does this be breaking up the scars underneath, giving your skin more vascularity to heal from future procedures.  Excisions and cutting out some of the scars can help.  Subcision is another way of getting the scars to heal in a less depressed fashion, fat grafting is an extension of this idea.  After these procedures, I think resurfacing is then best done next and after all of the significant cutting out of the lesions is done. I have more information on my website. The question about getting max dermabrasion for dark complexion can be done.  I think the only group that could have a detrimental affect are african americans and darker indian asian groups.  In your case, I think you can have the maximum in terms of resurfacing / dermabrasion / laser resurfacing.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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