Dear All Doctors, Can Lasik Be Done Again After These Symptoms? Will It Correct?

i am 21 years old male and had a lasik surgery an year ago with -2 nearsightedness in both eyes.2 weeks after operation i accidentally rubbed my RIGHT eye due to which this problem developed. my left eye is okay the problems in my right eye: 1) its very hard to focus on one object but the focused area is sharp with 20/20, and rest of the surrounding is blur making me dizzy. 2) i have developed color blindness in some colors and contrast has increased. white seems extra bright what can i do?

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Poor vision after rubbing eyes after LASIK

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there is a very small chance you dislodged your flap by rubbing your eyes, and this is causing your distorted vision. you should see your surgeon to make sure the flap he cut is still in place and not dislodged. you can actually move the flap from trauma even years after LASIK. 

this is one of the reasons i switched to the safer noncutting LASEK procedure many years ago

good luck

New York Ophthalmologist

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