Am I Dealing with Vaser Lipo Swelling or Left over Fat?

I'm a 31 yo male, 6'0", 180 lbs. Two weeks ago, I had vaser on my lovehandles. The doctor went in through the center of my lower back. I have noticed that I still have what looks like a lot of mass where my love handles are and that I can actually grab flesh there, though less than before. I was expecting to finally have a waist, after this surgery, but it's a modest improvement and I still have a spare tire. I'm hoping that the lack of a change in appearance can possibly be swelling. Opinions?

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At 2 weeks post-op after Vaser lipo, you still have (lots of) swelling!

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I'm sorry no one answered your question when it was asked 4 months ago, but by now you should be seeing that indeed you have a much-improved appearance compared to the 2-week post-op appearance!

I tell my Vaser (and regular) liposuction patients that after surgery you see an immediate improvement in appearance--although it is about half of what they would anticipate as a final result at 4-6 months post-op. This also assumes that the patient does not gain ANY weight during the first 6-12 months post-op. Though the fat that is removed is permanently removed, the fat that remains (not ALL of the fat is removed, nor should it be--this causes a huge deformity of dimples, ridges, and skin-graft-like adherence) can be fed.

Swelling gradually goes down over the first 6 weeks post-op, and lymphatic swelling diminishes over several months, during which scar tissue also softens, and flattens. Compression is critical for the first few weeks, but is not necessary longer term.

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Healing Concern 2 Weeks Following Vaser Lipo

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Swelling after #Vaser liposuction is not uncommon. Gentle #walking may increase circulation and help to alleviate swelling. But you must not strain or push yourself. Also, if you were provided a post-procedure #garment, be sure you are wearing it until prescribed otherwise by your doctor. The purpose of the post-procedure #garment is to provide some gentle #support and to reduce swelling. If it feels too tight or causes pain, take it off. Many patients wear the #elastic garment for several weeks after procedures, as directed by their doctor; some choose to wear it longer for several months for comfort.

The final results of the procedure are typically most noticeable 2-4 months following the #Vaser. So, you must have patience. The swelling will gradually diminish while the contours of the treated area(s) can continue to improve up to one year post procedure; becoming more apparent in appearance. If you have concerns about your healing, or pain that you question to be unusual, it is important to call your plastic surgeon to discuss these further asked to be examined. 

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