How to Deal with Bad a Veneer?

I have veneers on my four front teeth. The two outer (smaller teeth) veneers have popped off a couple of times. I have gotten them re-cemented, but one has popped off again. I do realize that sometimes I clench my teeth at night, and it is after this kind of episode that my veneers have popped off. My dentist briefly mentioned a crown or mouth guard a while back. Should I consider a new veneer (diff dentist) before I consider a crown? Is the crown a last resort?

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Porcelain veneers are more conservative than crowns

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And as such should be considered a last resort when dealing with veneers as an alternative.  Lateral incisors are small teeth to begin with and more likely to fracture when crowned.  As a veneer or 3/4 crown, the remaining tooth structure is stronger.

If you tend to clench, a night guard would be a good investment.  This would allow you to clench without putting excess pressure on the teeth in question.  I would get new veneers and a night guard when they are done.

Veneers popping off usually is an indication that there is a bite issue.  This will need to be addressed, both when making the veneers and when making the nightguard.  My experience is that a well bonded veneer and a well balanced bite will NOT lead to veneers popping off.


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Since you clench your teeth at night, you need a nightguard.  A nightguard is even more essential in your case because you have veneers.  Veneers are made of porcelain, which causes wear on the opposing natural teeth especially if you grind or clench your teeth.  A nightguard will protect both your veneers and your natural teeth.  Your veneers may be recemented, but be sure to get a nightguard as well.  Also, the bite of your veneers should be checked since they may be high.  Best, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian

Elizabeth Jahanian, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

How to Deal with Bad a Veneer?

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Veneers popping off always concerns me. Especially multiple times. In my opinion I would consult with a cosmetic dentist before continuing on to a crown. In my experience veneers do not pop off, especially multiple times.

If you do clench your teeth, then that is a factor that affects the overall success of your veneers. The cosmetic dentist can only control some of the factors, the other ones are ones that you have to account for. I do think you ought to have a night guard for extra added protection.

I'd get another opinion from a really experienced cosmetic dentist,  then the night guard next, and for now, as a last resort, would I move on to a crown.

(I've added a link to my page about "durability of Porcelain Veneers", I've also written a blog in the past about porcelain veneers popping off, so you may find some other helpful information there.)

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Crown may not be not a last resort in your case

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Veneers on lateral incisors (outer side teeth) teeth usually have smaller bonding surface; however properly made, bonded and adjusted veneers should not pop out easily. If you clench your teeth at night, night guard should be worn every night to protect your veneers. You're thinking correct; please consider new veneers and a night guard prior to considering crowns. Crowns on those small teeth may weaken your teeth more. Good Luck!

Hema Patel, DDS
Fremont Dentist

Veneer coming off?

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I would recommend a nightguard first.  Does the veneer seem to loosen in the morning?  Many of us grind at night which puts tremendous forces on our teeth.  It is important that veneers be bonded properly and even though it is a very strong bond, grinding can loosen it.  A nightguard would prevent the forces that can loosen the bonding.  I know this can be frustrating, but a nightguard will also protect your other teeth as well.

Toni Margio, DMD
Las Vegas Dentist

Veneers coming off

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Veneers designed properly, bonded properly, adjusted to your bite, and protected with a night guard should not come off. In fact, when proper protocol is followed, they are one of the most durable restorations in dentistry.  A competent cosmetic dentist should be able to etch and re bond the existing veneer, adjust it to your bite, and make to a night guard for protection. Please wear your night guard every night. Best of luck.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

Breaking veneer and clenching of teeth

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Before you will decide to change veneer to a crown ( which is not gonna last according to your clenching habit) you should be tested for the occlusal problems. And your dentist should correct the interferences between this veneer and opposing teeth. If you will decide to change it for the crown- you will chip off the porcelain from this crown. The nightguard in your situation with grinding the teeth should be a must.

Veneers Keep "Popping Off"

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It is very rare that veneers come off that often.  It sounds like there may be a problem with the bonding procedure.  When bonded properly veneers are really tough to get off.  I would try to stay with veneers as it is more conservative.  I would consult with a cosmetic dentist to find out your options.  In addition, I would get fitted for an occlusal guard to help protect your investment.  Good luck. 

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