How to Deal with One Area of Sculptra Dissipating Before the Rest

Sculptra 2.5 years ago - now dissipating. One vial into cheekbones 6 months ago to raise a jowl - but made cheekbones too big and created hollows. Now cheekbones look even bigger and hollows and jowls worse since rest of face dissipating. I don't want to fill to match the over-large cheekbones or I will have a fat face. How can I get back to where I was before the last vial please ?

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Sculptra and adjustments

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If your cheekbones are too large and you don't want to add filler to the depressions in the cheeks to even it out because you're concerned that you will have a fat face, you will unfortunately have to wait for more time to reduce your Sculptra effect. I am not aware of any treatment that will shrink the Sculptra volume.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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How to Selectively Touch-Up Fading Sculptra

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My recommendation would be to consider one of two options: Small amounts of Sculptra, carefully placed, can achieve the effect you want. The other option would be to switch to Radiesse.  I often combine Radiesse and Sculptra treatments for different areas of the face as I feel they each have certain advantages, when properly used, to fix specific problems due to volume loss. Radiesse is gel-based and gives instant results that last one to two years. Because it is a gel it can be targeted better for specific areas which could be a safer way to fix your problem.


Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Once injected there is nothing to remove Sculptra until it dissolves by itself

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There are only two things to do here:

1. let the Sculptra dissolve naturally or

2. add small amounts of Sculptra to even the asymmetry out.

Sculptra is a great volumizing filler but there is nothing that can dissolve Sculptra faster, unfortunately. 

Emily Altman, MD
Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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