I Have Noticed in Some of the After Pictures, Some Patients Have More of a Boyish Shape and No Curves. What Causes This?

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Body shapes vary

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and results will vary by what you start with.  As discussed by prior posters, the shape you start with and the problem that is being addressed will determine your outcome.  But ancillary procedures can be done at the same time to help preserve the curves such as fat grafting.  Be sure you discuss your concerns with your surgeon and understand what he/she can deliver for you.

Boyish shape

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Hi doingme. Excellent question and good observation. If you are talking about a lower body lift which is what usually causes this, I agree with you and have developed my own flap to try to retain or even increase the width of the hips. This then will give the illusion of a narrow waist even if they did not have this before. Unfortunately when we puul very hard on the butt and thigh tissue this seems to narrow the waist. Some dr's do a belt incision which is higher on the waist helping narrow the waist, but this to me looks unsightly and gives a long narrowish buttock. If you are talking about a regular TT, this should not give a boyish look unless they started that way.

A description of our body shapes.

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Thanks for the question about shapes .  As you have observed, we come in all different shapes and sizes.  There are medical terms that describe these shape differences.  For instance, a typical female shape with hips and fuller breasts may be called a gynecoid shape.  This is in contrast to the angular, linear and thinner shape that we often call android shapes.  Occasionally the patient with an android shape may be inclined to desire breast augmentation and limited liposuctioning, and the gynecoid shaped patient may desire breast lift/reduction , tummy tucks and liposuctioning more frequently.  This is certainly a broad generalization, however. 

I hope this started a conversation for you about our differences.

Good luck to you.

Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon





No Waist and No Curves after Tummy Tuck

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Each patient's body shape is different and everyone will get a different result based on their natural body shape.  Liposuction of the hips and flanks at the time of the Tummy Tuck can make a tremendous difference in many patients by narrowing the waist and shaping the hips and rear.  If you are an appropriate candidate and liposuction was not done at the time of your original surgery, this can still be done and can likely enhance your shape.

Shape after tummy tuck

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That's a great question. Not everyone has an hourglass shape, but there are things a plastic surgeon can do during a tummy tuck that help define the waist and create shape. One major way we do this is by incorporating liposuction with the abdominoplasty. Sculpting the fat on the sides and flanks can help the waist look smaller and in better proportion with the buttocks and thighs. Also, tightening the abdominal muscles during the surgery can bring the waist in for a more feminine shape. Of course, if a person has a "boyish" shape naturally, that will come through in the results. Good plastic surgeons talk with their patients about what outcomes they can realistically expect based on their bodies and then do their best to match that with the patients' goals. I hope that answers your question!

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