About to turn 44 and wondering if I need upper eyelid surgery and wrinkled under eyes (Photo)

Would you recommend upper eye lid surgery or is there something less invasive. Also, what can be done about the wrinkles under eyes? Peel or laser? Suggestions welcomed.

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Upper eye bleph

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From these pictures you could have an upper lid bleph.  May also want to do some laser resurfacing to help with the fine lines above the crease.  Resurfacing would also help with the skin texture of the lower lids. 

Coral Gables Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Eyelid Surgery at 44?

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First of all, Happy [Almost] Birthday! You appear to be a good candidate for a conservative eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) and laser resurfacing below the eyes. Please make sure you find a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience, because you do not want too much skin removed from above the eye or you will look unnatural or fake -- which can age a woman, rather than making her look younger.  

Certainly possible

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So the best way to assess your eyes and lids are with you staring directly forward in to the camera with a neutral gaze, ie not any expression.We can then assess your lid symmetry and your lash and lid position. Having said that, from the pictures you have sent, you do have some upper lid skin laxity. This can be addressed in 2 main ways, with volumisation of the upper outer orbital margin (a small blob of filler) or as you say, an upper lid skin only blepharoplasty. The lower lid laxity is a natural. It is the thinnest skin in the mid face and as such inevitable wrinkles more easily than cheek skin. Think of a silk shirt rather than a denim shirt. It is normal and also not very easy to fix. keep your lower lid skin well hydrated. Otherwise, surgery peels, or lasers are possible but are not indicated simple for slightly tissue paper like lower lid skin. Hope that helps. Adam Goodwin

Yes, I believe you will benefit from upper eyelid belpharoplasty

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You would benefit from upper eyelid blepharoplasty with fractionated CO2 resurfacing. But I would love to see better photos of you. We need a photo of your eyes looking directly in the camera.  the upper and lower eyelid skin seems slightly thinned and I believe with doing resurfacing of both upper and lower eyelids, your eyelid skin will look so much younger. 

Upper lid blepharoplasty

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Thanks for the question.Assuming you do not pluck your eyebrows, the brow seems to be in a good position. The upper eyelids have early signs of aging. An upper blepharoplasty could help smooth out the surface. However it should be a conservative blepharoplasty. An aggressive blepharoplasty with central fat pad manipulation may make you look worse and hollowed out. The lower eyelids look good. It is hard to say without seeing a full face shot. However fillers in the cheek area often treat the earliest signs of lower eyelid and cheek aging.
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Alexander Anzarut, MD
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Removal of extra skin and skin rejuvenation

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Thank you for sharing your question and posting your photos. You would benefit from upper blepharoplasty and lower eyelid laser skin resurfacing. Make an appointment for consultation with an expert.  Good luck,

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