My Doctor had a nurse come over do 1/2 left face, I did not want it, but he insisted. Overfill with Bellafill. Please help?

She apparently did a liquid lift, but did not tell Dr., Dr. did not ask. He proceeded to overfill the right side, lump next to mouth of product. On top of it, I asked if nurse could try to fix it. Instead of telling her the face is swollen and overfilled, he encouraged her to attempt to fix it. She proceeded to fill the middle of my cheek ruining the contour. Now my right side is droopy, overfilled, lacks contour and has a large lump on the mouth with a permanent filler Bellafill.

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Lump from Bellafill

I don't know what the time frame is from injection to this question. If recent, I would try to massage the area. If you are more than 3 months out and there is still a lump and dissatisfaction, I would seek another opinion. Sometimes nodules can be improved using 5FU/Kenalog injections. Sometimes further injections can help with poorly placed filler. Most of the time, things get better if you wait a few months after injection.

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Bellafill Overfill

I am sorry that you had this experience. The good news is that if the lump was not there when you initially had your injection, it will almost always settle down on its own but it may take a few weeks. There are things that can be done to correct over filling. But at the moment, assuming you are not too long after your injection, it is best to be patient. Almost always the problems that seem big in the first few days or even w couple of weeks after an injection will get better with Bellafill. It is a different filler, sort of like fat grafting in that it makes your own tissue and that takes a few months. Remember that the initial fill with Bellafill is really the old style collagen and that made a lot of lumps!

Because it lasts so long, you should be aware of the risks and benefits of these types of fillers. I have added a video that may help you.

I hope that helps.

Best regards.

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Complications with Bellafill

Our office continues to see many patients with Bellafill and Artefill complications. Bellafill can only be removed safely from specific areas of the face. 

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