How can I determine whether cost of Dental Implants is appropriate?

I just got an estimate for dental implants to replace two teeth (29 & 30). The estimate is around $9,000. It includes the use of zirconium rather than titanium implants because I have concerns about putting titanium in my body after my mother had a severe allergic reaction to a titanium implant. It doesn't include bone grafting. The implant for each tooth is $2,900, with the crown estimated at $1,485 each. My primary concern is my health, but how do I know if this cost is appropriate?

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Treatment cost for implants and restorations

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The treatment cost you indicated is aligned with zi implants and restorations. Zi implants are more costly than Ti implant and adds to the cost. Allergy to Ti is extremely rare and it should still be the primary choice for replacement. Zi implants can certainly work but their longevity is unknown and certain complications such as micro cracks should be considered as possible risk. We have provided Zi implants for patients and thus far they have shown good results.

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