Deep impression & sagging in my bbl. What can I do to fix it? (Photo)

This was my 2nd bbl I really just wanted hips. Big mistake! I had complications & a infection. It took forever for the fat to settle but When it finally softened I loved my results for a while but then i noticed left cheek has a deep depression below my hip and the bottom feels saggy I can see in clothes & all. The rest is perfect. How did this happen? How long should I wait to go back to get it fixed? What can be done to fix it? If I get it redone will my fat settle into the depression?

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Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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Filling out the lower and lateral tissues is challenging, mainly because the skin may not want to expand in this region.  If you had an infection and other issues, that likely played a role.  You should wait until you are fully healed and several months out (at least) from surgery to allow the tissues to become soft.  Additional grafting can be done to that specific area.  The skin may not fully expand, but often the depression can be improved.  

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