1000 cc implants want changed for 800 silicone. Any suggestions?

Had Surgry 15days ago and have decided that my implants feel and look to fake for my body I was hoping for very large but some what natural look and feel! If I go to a 800 cc silicone do you think I could achieve that look and feel I am going for? Also in search of a great doctor that specializes in most natural looking implants but also like big! Searing for the abigail ratchford breast look!! Thanks

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1000 cc implants want changed for 800 silicone. Any suggestions?

I'm sorry to hear about your concerns after breast surgery.  You will find that online consultants will not be of much specific help to you; careful physical examination and careful communication of your goals will be necessary to help you decide what operation (and what type/size of  breast implants) would be necessary.   Keep in mind, that with downsizing of breast implants,  adjustment of the breast implant capsules (capsulorraphy) may also be necessary.). You may find attached the link, dedicated to "larger" breast augmentation surgery outcomes helpful to you as you learn more.  Best wishes.

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