Can DBS or a Cingulotomy Be Done for Chronic PHN Pain from Shingles?

I previously asked about Botox being done on the head, scalp or neck of my mother but I was unaware that she already tried that & it too failed. We are currently looking for a doctor at any facility that could possibly help her or guide us in the right direction so she doesn't have to live the rest of her life in excruciating pain. She's even been turned down at Mayo Clinic in MN. All her doctors are stumped as to how to help her & have given up. I don't want her to give up too!

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Chronic post herpect neuralgia

Botox is not used for post herpetic neuralgia and treatment for this condition should be discussed with a pain physician. Botox should only be injected by a properly licensed board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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