Skin breakdown after breast reconstruction.

I underwent a right mastectomy in 2013 followed by radiation . I recently had a tissue expander placed followed by implant placement .I am just wondering if this even has a chance of healing and is the burning and nerve pain normal ? I am very concerned and I have been advised to use aquaphor and that we will keep an eye on it by my surgeon .

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Skin breakdown after breast reconstruction.

YES very serious issue of skin necrosis from radiation perivascular deficiency and potential implant loss. I also use weekly PRP infusion therapy. Fee $800 per session.

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So you went through the tissue expansion and didn't have any skin breakdown?  The problem arose after the tissue expander was traded out for an implant?  I don't know that I have ever seen that happen.  If the expander is still in, your surgeon will need to remove fluid from the expander to lessen the pressure on the skin which is reducing blood flow to the compromised area.  If there is an implant, you really just have to be patient and hope for the best.  I tend to use Silvadene cream over Aquaphor.  It is real recent, you may want to start hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Good luck- I've seen things like this heal with no problems before!  Hope this helps.

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