4 Weeks Post Op, Should I Have Saggy Skin? (photo)

Please help. I am 36 years old and a mother of now teenagers. Waited a long time to get tummy fixed. Saved money and was excited to get rid of my pooch. I am approx. 130 Pds 5'9. Upper abs have always been flat as a board. Started crying today because after four weeks, belly looks horrible. Took so long to save up for this. Can this be fixed with scar revision or complete tummy tuck redo? Is the doc obligated to fix??? Please help!!

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4 Weeks Post Op, Should I Have Saggy Skin? (photo)

Even at 4 weeks your early result appears very conservative and not well planned out. Sorry. Maybe revision as an extended mini TT in 6 months might be an option. 

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Unhappy with early tt results.

Please try to calm down.  I totally understand how you feel, and how much this means to you.  I also understand how hard you worked to make this happen.

It is still early yet to judge.  However, here is the deal.  My impression is that you are not rich.  I think that you need to let your doctor know that too.  I think you need to let him know how hard you had to work, and how much you had to sacrifice and for how long-just saying ;).

Now, as to the result.  You may need something additional to make it shall we say, more to your liking.  This shouldn't be done for around 6 to 9 months.  Knowing what you had to do to get to this point should compel his human kindness to make it right by you at his expense.  Of course, he is under no obligation, but nothing like appealing to his sense of humanity with honesty- starting now.


See some of my results.

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Need more time to judge final result following an abdominoplasty

You certainly need more time in order to judge your final result following your abdominoplasty.  If you still have some redundant skin at 6 months then you may need to speak with your plastic surgeon.  But at this point it looks like you will be fine.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Give time for your tummy tuck to heal.

At four weeks, you are still early in the recovery phase. It takes several months to allow for swelling, contraction, and maturity of the scars to show you a final result. Be patient, and follow your surgeon's postoperative instructions. If after 3-6 months, you are unhappy with things, then discuss these issues with your surgeon.

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Weeks post op abdominoplasty concerns

4 weeks post op is still early. It is difficult without an examination to determine if there are any concerns. You may have some swelling inside that may need to resorb, you may need it drained. Nothing in the photos is overly concerning at present. See your surgeon. They are the best one to determine if there are concerns. You need to allow things to heal, swelling to resolve, but first you must make sure things are okay under the skin. Your surgeon is the best one to evaluate this.

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4 Weeks Post Op TT - is it normal ?

Many thanks for the question. At 4 weeks its going to look this way. Just try to relax. You will not need redo. Its common to have this appearance at this stage. Using compression garments or abdominal binder will slowly fix the problem. The results on net you see are  after more than one year when one is also working on her body. The result on the outer side ( laterally ) of your suture line at this stage has to look wrinkled and this will also disappear using pressure from outside.

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