Post RB capsulectomy and bilateral mastopexy, will puckering under nipple and cone shape go away with time? (photos)

BA in 2012, silicon nurtrelle style 20, 450cc LB, 500cc RB. Contraction began in 1st yr, progressively tightened & never dropped into fold. Just had surgery to remove capsule on RB & replace w/ 450cc implant. Bilateral mastopexy. PS said it went well but that RB will look weird due to needing to stretch. Didn't seemed concerned. Is it common in a correction to have that much puckering. I suppose as long as my breast isn't in my collarbone any more that's a step up!!

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Concerns after revisionary breast surgery…

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 Congratulations on having undergone the revisionary breast surgery.  Yes, the puckering  and incision line irregularities tend to smoothen out over the course of the first several weeks/months. Generally, it takes several months before patients see final contour/shape of the breasts after this type of surgery. Patience and time will likely be your best friends. Best wishes.

Breast Incision puckering after Implant removal and Lift, is it normal?

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Hi Jnam,

Thanks for your question and photos. Your result looks Great!. Congratulations. It is completely normal to have the flattening and puckering after they type of lift. As the implant drops, it rounds the bottom of your breast out to appear more normal. It sometimes takes days to months but everyone is different. Depending on how your surgeon performed the operation, I recommend a breast strap to help push the implant done in the breast pocket. Please check with your plastic surgeon. They have the best recommendations for you! Good luck and congratulations.

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