I had labiaplasty 5 weeks ago and am kinda freaking out about the results. (Photo)

Will these separations heal on their own? I know this isn't the worst u all have seen but after all the years of being ashamed of my body, I just wanted it to be perfect. Ugh I'm becoming depressed about it. I just want to cry

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Labiaplasty results.

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It does appear by your pictures that you have some separation or notching on the right side.  It is a bit too early for a revision but I would discuss this with your surgeon.  This minor separation should be able to be repaired once the tissue swelling is completely gone.  This is usually about 3 months after surgery.  You should be able to repair this to your desired outcome but be patient until your surgeon feels you have healed adequately for a revision.

Concord Plastic Surgeon
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When and how to seek revision

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I can see the modest edge separation of your V-wedge LP on the right lip, but I'm not sure from your photos is there's any problem on the left. The right side may very well look fine with a minor "edge shave" top & bottom, which usually will do the job & not risk full separation of the whole thing is redone.

What to do? Wait untol 3 months post-op and return to your surgeon for a potential revision consultation & see what she or he has in mind. Sometimes this can be done at 3-4 months, if the revision does not invlove the old suture lines, but best to wait until 6 months if it does.

Best wishes,

Michael P) Goodman, MD
Davius, CA, USA

A little early

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Hang in there as the results should continue to improve with time.  Make sure to follow up with your surgeon and voice your concerns.Try and follow all post operative directions as closely as possible.Best of luck.

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Still Early...should improve

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Hello Lindsey,

You are still a bit early and it should still improve somewhat over time. I would see your surgeon and voice your concerns. See if he or she wants to change the care.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Don't stress

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Things look fine from the photos. While they are not perfectly even, you still have good symmetry and no amputation or significant deformity, so I think with time you will be healed up fine. This looks fine and I don't see evidence of any major separation. 

Labiaplasty revision

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As the inventor and innovator of the wedge technique in 1994, I reconstruct many women who have had labia reductions by other surgeons, both wedge and trimming techniques. No attempt to revise your labia should be done until you are at least five months after your past procedure as your appearance will improve, and the swelling will be less. You need to control your anxiety and wait. The reconstruction is more difficult than a primary labiaplasty and should be done by a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in labia reconstruction. I published the first and most extensive paper on labia reconstruction in the prestigious journal "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery" about two years ago. You may need various reconstructive techniques to give you a good appearance, but this won't be known until all the swelling is gone. You only get one good chance to reconstruct you, so be patient and ask a lot of questions.Gary J. Alter, M.D.

Beverly Hills, CA - Manhattan, NY

Gary J. Alter, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Wedge resection failure

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Dear Lindsey92888

Thank you for sharing your photos and questions.  You are now 5 weeks post operative and no this will not heal on its own.  This is one of the problems with a wedge resection surgery there is a high propensity for failure compared to a linear contouring.  Even in the most experienced hands this surgery can split the way yours has. 

I would encourage you to wait at least 4 months before attempting a revision.  Your wedge resection separation is not bad compared to many patients. I know that may not make you feel better but It is the truth.  If you decide to get a revision please choose  a revision surgeon wisely.   Choose someone who has experience in fixing botched labiaplasties or in other words doing revision surgeries.  

John R Miklos MD
Urogynecologist & Cosmetic vaginal Surgeon
Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

Separated labiaplasty scars don't magically fuse back together

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If you have scar separations after labiaplasty, they will heal separated. You should wait at least six months to have them surgically revised. Revisions done any sooner will usually fail.


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It appears you will need a revision of your labiaplasty. Discuss this with your physician and tell him what you like and what you don't like so he can revise it accordingly.

I had a labiaplasty 5 weeks ago and I am freaking out about the results.

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Thank you for sharing your questions and photographs and I am sorry that your results have not been what you anticipated.  I can see your areas of separation and it appears that they have currently healed to the point where complete repair will not be possible except with a second, revision procedure.  The separations appear small so correction should be less involved that your original procedure, and it should leave you with a very nice result. Best wishes.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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