When is the best time to get the second treatment?

Most specialists say that it takes up to 6 months to see the optimum results, but some people wrote in that they got their second treatment less than 6 months. So when is the best time to get the second treatment?

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When is the best time to get the second treatment?

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Thank you for your question. You can get your second treatment as early as 30 days after your first treatment. However, some patients like to wait the full 3 months to see the full results before going for their second treatment.  Regards,

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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CoolSculpting and when to do a second treatment

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I recommend waiting 12 weeks post a CoolSculpting treatment to reassess the area and determine if a second treatment is needed. The treated area reduces gradually over time, so you need to give it time. This way you ensure the most natural looking results.

Stephen Dubin, MD
Las Vegas OB/GYN

Wait About 3 Months Before Follow-Up Treatment

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Thank you for asking this question. Most research indicates that waiting 3 months before undergoing a second CoolSculpting treatment is optimal. During that time, the fat cells targeted in the procedure are gradually absorbed by the body. It also takes about that long for the newly contoured treatment area to stabilize. Best of luck.

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Re-treatment for CoolSculpting

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Typically most patients can treat in the same area after 30 days for a re-treatment. This then allows the patient to have an additional 90 day period to see the CoolSculpting results. Again, every patient does respond differently to each medical procedure but are happy with the end result. 

Randolph Capone, MD, FACS
Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon
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When Can I Get My Second CoolSculpt Treatment?

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The need -- or desire -- for a second treatment is determined at the follow-up visit at between 8 - 12 weeks. If a patient wants to have a complete outcome for an event, for example, we will recommend having the areas treated a second time within this 2-3 month period.  Patients are very please with results from this non-invasive way to deal with stubborn fat.

Second Treatments

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Dear Janflora, Are our practice we see all clients at the 90 day mark to take photos and make future plans if wanted and desired. Most people wait that 3 months to assess. However is some cases clients want to move faster because of life events coming up and want results that need to be expedited. In these cases Zeltiq says it is ok to do repeats in 30 days. Please consult a practice that has experience. We are over 2000 treatments in and have 3 RN's running our program since the beginning. I believe we have the experience to help you if you would like to come to Columbus for a visit as I see you are near our practice. We are currently offering free consultation and an excellent special worth traveling for. Hope that helps 

Robert Heck, MD, FACS
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Timing for additional Coolsculpting treatments

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When to do a second treatment is dependent on many factors and your treating physician is the best one to make that determination.  But in general, you should wait until the full results are seen.  That is often around 3 months.  Some patients may achieve their end result sooner and some a little later, but 3 months is typically a good time.  The one exception is the submental area (under the chin).  This area does best with two treatments and often the second is done 6 weeks after the first, but again, everyone is a little different and there is no hard and fast rule.  The nice thing with additional Coolsculpting treatments is that the results are additive.  Subsequent treatments should still give the 20% fat reduction improvement.  Best of luck.

Jason E. Leedy, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting and Second Treatment

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I always make a treatment plan based on the needs of the patients.  Some patients will only need one treatment and I would wait up to four months to assess the results. For those patients who appear to need two treatments I might have the second treatment after one to two months.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

Coolsculpting and Results

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You can get another treatment 4-6 weeks after the first.  The treatments will be combined to get a better outcomes. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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