I am 4 weeks post SmartXide dot laser under eyes and have severe redness and new/deep lines. It's this normal? Will it resolve?

I am 4 weeks post-procedure (SmartXide Dot laser, under eye- I do not know the settings or amount of passes), 34 yrs old, good skin, fair and freckled as a child, green eyes with very mild Rosacea. I was treated for creepiness and crows feet but my eyes now looks worse than before. I new and deep lines in new places. Other lines have little resolution but do not move as naturally as before- therefore looking worse. The redness looks like I've been punched in the face. Debating adding photos.

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Be patient with results

It can take up to 6 months for you to see your final results after a DOT laser.  It sounds like your skin may be dehydrated and require extra moisture during this process. 

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