How Many Days It Takes for a Drain Tube to Be Removed After a Lipoma Removal?

i have had a lipoma removal near the chest and the doctor put a drainage tube in there ,the liquid leaking is transparent near to red i wanna know is it a seroma or a hematoma and what's the different and most important how much time it takes to remove the tube?

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Drains for Lipoma Removal

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I must admit I have never used a drain for a lipoma removal, and have rarely seen one used. Unless this was a very large lipoma which required the placement of a drain. In which case, you should have a post-operative appointment with your surgeon for removal of the drain. The fluid you are describing sounds like "serosanguinous" fluid, which is a mixture of blood and your body's natural fluid. Every surgeon is different, but I usually remove drains if they are draining less than 30ml per day. Once again you should schedule a follow up appointment with your surgeon, especially if you are having alot of output from the drain.

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Drain Tubes and Lipomas

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This is really something you should be discussing with your physician! Any person leaving the office with a drain tube usually calls in specifics of what is being drained, coloring, etc. as the days go on and there need to be very specific instructions for cleaning the area, as well as when you should be returning for removal. All of this should have been very clearly gone over with you prior to your leaving the office. If you have ANY questions about your post care please call your physician directly!

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